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Theatrical Film Industry

General Theatrical Research
Film Revenues
Individual Films and Studios


Theatrical File Industry

General Theatrical Research
Number of Screens
Revenues per Screen
Number of Admissions
Average Ticket Price
Box Office Spending
Average Negative Cost
Average Advertising Cost of Movies
Number of New Releases
  Major Studios
Number of Productions by Studio
Number of Wide Release Films
Average Number of Screens at Peak for Wide Release Films
Admissions Per Capita
Admissions Per Screen
Number of Screens Per Million People
Box Office Spending Per Screen
Admissions Per Capita by Age Group
Film Revenues
Domestic Theatrical Rentals
Foreign Theatrical Rentals
Revenues Generated from Domestic Home Video
Revenues Generated from Foreign Home Video
Revenues Generated from Domestic Television
   Pay Cable
   Basic Cable
   Broadcast Networks
   Television Stations
   Pay Per View
Revenues Generated from Foreign Television
Movie Revenues from All Sources
Individual Films and Studios
Domestic Box Office
International Box Office
Domestic Market Share
International Market Share
Negative Costs
Domestic Home Video Revenue
   Domestic VHS Revenue
   Domestic DVD Revenue
   Domestic VHS Unit Sales
   Domestic VHS Rental Turns
   Domestic DVD Unit Sales
   Domestic DVD Rental Turns
   Domestic VHS Unit Shipments
   Domestic DVD Unit Shipments
   Domestic Direct-to-Video Unit Shipments
   Domestic Direct-to-Video Revenues
Domestic Network TV Revenue
Domestic Pay-Per-View Revenue
Domestic Pay Cable Revenue
Domestic Basic Cable Revenue
Domestic Syndication Revenue
International Home Video Revenue
International Pay TV Revenue
International Broadcast TV Revenue
Data by Genre
Data by Negative Cost
Data by Major Studio
Data by Independent Distributor
Television Program Production
   Prime Time Network Television
   First-Run Syndication
   Off-Network Syndication
   Original Movies
   Revenues Generated in Domestic Markets
   Revenues Generated in Foreign Markets

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