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Media, Entertainment & Telecommunications Economics Data and Analyses

bulletComprehensive analyses and forecasts of television, radio, and cable media.
bulletSimilar comprehensive services for the newspaper, magazine, book publishing, recorded music, home video, business information, yellow pages and theatrical feature film businesses.
bulletComprehensive analyses and support services relating to the Internet, interactive media, and other new and emerging technologies.
bulletAdvertising data, analyses, and forecasts.
bulletPromotion, Direct Mail, and other specialty market information and analysis.
bulletNew business development strategies that enhance the sales function for traditional and electronic media.
bulletSpecialists in telecommunications economics for all equipment and services.
bulletStatistical demand analysis that identifies optimum pricing and revenue streams for all traditional and new media, and telecommunications equipment and services.
bulletFinancial trends and competitive performance of all communications media markets and players.
bulletComplete economic profiles on the major advertisers who support media marketplaces.
bulletComprehensive demographic profiles for all media strategies.
bulletThe economics of the satellite communications market.
bulletAll of these areas examined in domestic and international markets.

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