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TIS Terms
TIS Terms Free Sample Data


Telephone Inquiry Service: Terms & Conditions       

                        This letter will govern the terms and conditions under which Client Company [XYZ] subscribes to the Wilkofsky Gruen Associates Inc. [WGA] Telephone Inquiry Service [TIS].

                        The TIS works in the following manner. WGA will respond to any telephone inquiry within our expertise to address that XYZ may have from time to time. There is no limit to the number of questions XYZ can ask in any given period of time. The TIS, however, is limited to data and brief expression. It specifically excludes any formal narrative analysis of any kind. Our answers will be provided over the telephone only, and if complex, in tabular form via facsimile and e-mail.

                        XYZ will have access to our proprietary and third party databases.  Data and expression originated by, or belonging solely to, WGA will be identified and labeled as proprietary. WGA proprietary data and expression cannot be shared with any third parties without the prior written authorization of WGA. WGA, however, will cooperate with XYZ to use WGA proprietary data and expression in XYZ third party work. Regardless of use, however, WGA proprietary data and expression remain the sole property of WGA in perpetuity and must bear the citation Wilkofsky Gruen Associates when used.

                        WGA proprietary and third party data includes, but is not limited to, the following: media market data for radio and television broadcasting, cable networks and all types of pay cable, newspapers (daily and weekly), magazines (business and consumer), all interactive media, the Internet, new and emerging media, all filmed entertainment, recorded music, book publishing, all business information services, all advertising and promotion services, and all categories of telecommunications services and equipment.

                        Please refer to the Directory of Data for additional information on the range and depth of information that we provide.

                        We also have proprietary and third party data on national and regional economies, as well as industry information, including, but not limited to, paper, chemicals, automobiles & trucks, retail & wholesale trade, construction, construction equipment, and the consulting industry

                        Our data reflect domestic and international historical and forecast information.              

                         We reserve the right to limit our response on any question XYZ may raise to the data contained in our database, or not respond at all, if, in either case, and solely at our discretion, we determine that a formal or special analysis is required to answer your question.  In such an event we will provide XYZ with an estimate of the cost in having WGA generate such a formal or special analysis. XYZ, of course, is under no obligation to accept our proposal for such a special analysis.

                        A monthly rate and the length of the subscription determine our fee for the TIS. The fee is not refundable. The TIS can be canceled by XYZ at anytime during the subscription (a telephone call will do), and without penalty. Otherwise, the service is automatically renewed for a new and succeeding subscription period on the first business day of the new month.

                         In addition, XYZ will be entitled to a presentation on any topic of its choosing to any audience it specifies after it has completed eighteen months of service under the TIS. The cost to XYZ for this presentation will be $1,500 plus our expenses in support of the presentation, including travel (business class), lodging, and travel time ($500 per day) if applicable. The date of any presentation will have to be compatible, of course, with the prior commitments of WGA as they are incurred.                                            


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