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We have a brand new service that allows you to quickly tap into our current research that addresses hot-button topics in the entertainment, media and telecom markets.

Research On Demand uses our worldwide research capabilities and proprietary resources to provide you with analyses and information very rapidly and at reasonable fees. In today’s uncertain environment, we can provide the background and analytical insights that you are seeking on the tough issues facing the entertainment, media, and telecom businesses.

In most cases we can turnaround the information in three to five business days and for less than a thousand dollars. The reports will be three to five pages long. In many cases, the information can be tailored to your specific needs.

A list of subjects that are currently available are shown below.

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The Future of Advertising

Will there be a recovery and when? The underlying advertising trends and how they combine with cyclical factors to affect the current market. Not just the weak economy, other factors at work. The impact of new media on the market in general and on traditional media. 

The Impact of Technology on Television

How will new technologies affect the television market?  Projections for digital television, HDTV, Interactive television, personal video recorders, and centralcasting.  What effects do these technologies have on the broadcast and cable networks and on television stations.

Program Development

Trends in program development.  Types of new programs developed for broadcast networks.  Types of new programs developed for cable networks.  Analysis of programs by genre, type and ownership status.  In-house, co-productions, and acquisitions.  Prospects and new opportunities.

The Film Database

Data on films over the last 15 years.  Approximately 2,000 titles.  Includes release date, genre, director, leading actors, negative and P&A costs, domestic and foreign box office, domestic and foreign home video revenues, domestic and foreign broadcast and cable television revenues.  With accompanying spreadsheet, allows users to analyze performance of films by budget level, by genre, by director, by actor, or by virtually any other dimension for each release window and for aggregate revenues.    

Video on Demand

Prospects for the new video-on-demand initiatives.  Per program and subscription VOD services.  Pricing thresholds.  Prospects for penetration and revenue growth.  Impact of VOD on video rentals, traditional pay-per-view, and ratings for broadcast and cable.  

Station Ownership Limits and Cross-Ownership Restrictions

An examination of how proposed relaxation of ownership restrictions will affect the market.  The impact on broadcast networks, television stations, cable networks, and program distributors.

The New Environment for Cable Networks

Cable networks are entering a new stage in which double-digit increases in advertising and license fees can no longer be sustained.  How will this new environment affect network finances, program spending, ratings, and competition with broadcast networks?

Cable-DBS Competition

An assessment of the competition between cable system operators and DBS providers for subscribers.  The impact of local station carriage on DBS, digital tiers, broadband, telephony, and reach on subscriber growth are analyzed.  Prospects for subscriber growth for both cable and DBS are presented.   

Broadband and Internet Penetration

Prospects for broadband Internet access.  Marketing challenges, pricing issues, hurdles and opportunities.  Competition between cable systems and telephone companies.  Other broadband media.  Broadband subscribers by technology.  Impact on narrowband subscribership.  Impact of regulatory initiatives.  ISP revenues.

Internet Advertising

Will it come back?  Prospects for dotcoms after the meltdown.  The underlying economics of dotcoms.  E-commerce, broadband and their impact on advertising.  Prospects for Internet advertising.

Book Publishing

Will it recover and when?  Impact of electronic publishing, print-on-demand and other technologies.  Economic and demographic factors.  Pricing issues.  Prospects for unit sales and revenues.

Electronic Publishing

Will it gain traction?  Pricing issues, rights issues, standards issues, rights management.  Impact on print market.  E-book technologies.   E-book vs. downloads.  Prospects for electronic books.

Consumer Magazine Publishing

When will magazine advertising recover?  Analysis of cyclical sensitivity.  Analysis of internal advertising cycle.  Circulation trends.  Impact of postal rate increases, demographic trends, Sweepstakes problems.  The role of the Internet.  Prospects for advertising and circulation.

Business Magazine Publishing

Will the market recover and when?  Role of corporate profits.   Relationship between the economy, corporate profits, and business magazine advertising.  Analysis of lead times.  Importance of served markets.  Prospects for business magazine advertising.

Newspaper Publishing

Analysis of retail, national, and classified advertising.  Short-term vs. long-term issues.  Competition from the Internet.  Will the long-term circulation decrease turn around?  Demographic vs. generational issues.  Impact of newspaper websites.  Prospects for newspaper advertising and circulation.


Impact of new technologies—satellite radio, digital terrestrial radio, Internet radio.  Internet radio royalty issues.  Listening by location.  Impact of new technologies on terrestrial stations.  Impact of consolidation.  Prospects for radio advertising.  

Recorded Music

Will the industry recover?  Impact of CD-burning and file-sharing.  Emerging digital subscription services—strengths and weaknesses.  New distribution models.  Impact on physical formats.  Rights issues, pricing issues, cost issues.  Demographics.  New technologies.  Prospects for physical and digital music sales.

Out-of-Home Advertising

Enduring strength for the oldest advertising medium? Impact of new technologies.  New venues.  Regulatory and legal issues.  Consolidation.  Evolving mix of advertisers.  Prospects for out-of-home advertising.

Direct Mail

Performance in up and down economies.  Comparisons with other media in all economic environments.  Impact of new technologies.  Personalization.  Response rates.  Postal rate increases.  Prospects for direct mail advertising.

Theme Parks

Impact of economic slowdown and September 11.  Destination parks vs. regional parks.  Impact of new attractions on attendance and spending.  Pricing issues.  Prospects for theme parks.


Analysis of TV rights fees.  Sports advertising vs. overall TV advertising.  Cable/broadcast mix.  Evolving rights deals.  Impact of the Internet.  New stadiums/arenas.  Prospects.

Commercial Printing

Changing business models.  Smaller print runs.  New printing technologies.  Variable data printing, print-on-demand, digital printing, personalization.  Impact of e-mail marketing.  New services.  Prospects for commercial printers.

Telecommunications Equipment

When will the market bounce back?  What will drive future growth?  An examination of the meltdown in telecommunications equipment spending.  Capacity issues, data traffic, last mile issues.  Fiber optics.  Prospects for telecommunications equipment spending.

Competition in the Local Loop

An assessment of the competition among local exchange carriers more than five years after the enactment of the Telecommunications Act.  Can competitive carriers be profitable?  Can the market support competition?  Impact of regulatory initiatives.

The Long-Distance Market

Will the long-distance market recover?  Impact of competition from landline and wireless carriers.   Effect of one-rate pricing plans on wireline long-distance traffic.  Dial-around, slamming, and other issues.  Access fees.  International traffic.  Prospects for the long-distance market.


Is there a market?  Changes in rate structure, ownership, competition from wireless services, Internet payphones.  Prospects for the payphone market.

Phone cards

Trends in prepaid phone cards.  Rates, volumes, revenues.  Prepaid dial tone.  Promotional and other uses.  Prospects for prepaid telephony. 

Voice Equipment

Is there life in the voice equipment market?  A look at trends and drivers for the PBX and key systems markets.  Trends in IP PBXs.  Will the market recover?  Prospects for voice equipment.

Data Equipment

Which categories are expanding?  Which categories are stagnating?  Where do growth opportunities lay.  ATM, frame relay, videoconferencing, computer-telephone integration, others.  Prospects for data equipment by category.

Wireless Telephony

Is the wireless market tapped out?  Analysis of cellular, PCS, paging, and other wireless technologies.  Competition among carriers.  The handset market.  New technologies, including 3G and Bluetooth.  Prospects for the wireless market. 


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